SERVICE DEPARTMENT UNDER THREE INSTRUMENTS : Each equipments company should have a service department. Because we believe service department is the backbone behind of a good company. Three Instruments’ also have a separate autonomous service department run by some excellent qualified & experienced Electric, Electronics, Instrumentation & Bio-medical Engineer. Also we are running a proper field service engineers team for providing quality service at client place instantly. As because we are a manufacturer of ophthalmic equipment we can give your all service parts as required.

Slit Lamp Bulb Holder (Type 1)

Slit Lamp Bulb Holder (Type 2)

Slit lamp Mirror (Type 1)

Slit lamp Mirror (Type 2)

Slit lamp Transformer Box (Type 1)

Slit lamp Transformer Box (Type 2)

Slit Lamp Transformer Regulator


Single Motorized Table Belt

Double Motorized Table Belt

Display Screen for Autoref, Digital Lensmeter etc.

Display Screen Set with circuit board

AT tip & prism

Thermal paper roll Big size

Thermal paper roll small size

Prism & Lens For Slit Lamp

Circuit Board for Camera


Halogen Bulb 6V-20W

Halogen Bulb 12V-50W

Some client told that they are getting service from other company. But the question is what kind of servicing they are getting? Is that a proper service or not. Most of the client have not proper knowledge about difference between “Proper Quality Service” and “Ordinary common service”. For them we can say, please give a chance for once. Your view will be clear.

Why machine/products’ need service in regular basis
Some of client believe that only when they are facing problems with their using machine, then they will call for a service. Unfortunately its’ a wrong concept. Each & every machine related to medical filed (Reputed branded & costly machine also) need service in regular basis. Because you cannot resist dust, fungus in rainy season, mishandling, alignment change, setting change, illumination decrease etc. at your machine. For that we have an excellent & experienced service engineer team for giving service to our existing client after every four month in regular basis without client’s needs. Totally free of cost. Our service engineer will go at your place in pre-scheduled time and will do checking & full service to your machine properly. As a result you can assure yourself about your machine’s longevity for a long time, does not depends how less or more you invested to purchase your product.

What are the things actually do our service engineer in a general service (after 4 month):
Dust cleaning from whole machine inside & outside * Dust cleaning from all Lens & Prism * Fungus Cleaning * Filter Cleaning * Projection Holes Cleaning * Image System Checking * Output Display (LCD/LED) brightness & quality checking & adjustment * Greasing for smoothness handling * Light illumination checking & up-gradation * Changing ball-bearing & belt of Motorized table if need * Machine hardware calibrate * Ground connection checking * Input voltage checking * Transformer checking & repairing if need * Software calibration * Software upgrade/update if required * Machine alignment adjustment * Slit Lamp bulb/mirror/prism/lens change if needs * Thermal Printer color adjustment * Wire change where needs * Motherboard, Camera, Sensor monitoring * Controller board, Regulator, Switch, Motor checking & adjustment if required.

We provide other company’s ophthalmic equipments also
Not only for our machine, we are providing service to others company’s client if they want. Also we knew that some client did not get service from the company they purchased. For that we are ready to give service at client’s place against some nominal amount. For Any Slit Lamp, Motorized Table, Manual/digital Lensmeter, Keratometer, Chair Unit, Autorefractometer, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, and Motorized Vision Drum etc. all kind of ophthalmic equipments you will contact with us without hesitation. We can assure you that our service engineer solve your machines’ problems with satisfaction.

Consulting & Adviser Department
We have a separate consulting team to guide any optical store/surgical setup/ O.P.D section setup or doctor’s chamber. They are helping you to build a new optical store with proper doctor’s chamber or build an eye nursing home with advance Surgical & O.P.D setup. Actually they will give you proper knowledge, new ideas, marketing or business plan, doctor’s contacts, architecture & design about setup, basic requirements etc. which you need most as a new comer (fresher) or experienced in this field, if you need. You will get all answer from them regarding any query.

Another thing is that, if you ordered a machine at our company for your existing setup, before installation our team will be at your place for inspection & aware you about any necessary things related to machine, like: need to change electric connection, ground connection related problems etc.

Some Advance technology/features you will get from us for your existing old machine:
We have an R & D team (Research & Development Department) working with upcoming or new technology/features about ophthalmic equipments. They will offer you some new changes on your using old machine, which will transform your machine to next level. Like:

  • Attach camera & output display for your slit lamp
  • Changing your 6 Volt-20 Watt slit lamp to 12 Volt-50 Watt for increasing huge illumination
  • Changing your halogen machine unit to Advance LED unit.
  • Changing your separate several machinery unit to compact one unit for area saving.
  • Software up-gradation to get new features.
  • Old complex & difficult system to new easy to handle & user friendly system
  • Etc. more special new system changing or adding.

Exchange your old machine with new machine:
Lots of clients purchased some machine before long days & they are presently using that back dated old machine till now. We are giving you an offer. In this offer you can exchange your old machine to a brand new machine against some low amount. Exchange value will be strictly depends on your existing machine’s condition.


If any person (at Optical store/eye Nursing home/Hospital/Doctors’ chamber) told you that he/she is not getting service from us instead of existing customer, then call us instantly from that place & confirm yourself about our service reputation.