Schiotz Tonometer

A masterpiece of precision mechanics High precision eye tonometer for measuring intra-ocular pressure. • High quality agate bearing for long service life • Precision measurement on a scale of 0 to 20 sub-divisions • Perfect reading of the scale with red pointer • All vital parts are made of stainless steel • Including three weights (5.5 g, 7.5 g, 10 g / 0.19 oz, 0.27 oz, 0.35 oz) and conversion table • Impact-resistant case

Ri-vision combo Set

 Retinoscope Head, Ophthalmoscope Head & Single Handle.  Xenon/LED illumination (3.200K).  Integrated eyeglass protection.  Dust-tight, very sturdy and light casing made of impact resistant plastic.  Bayonet fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle.  Fiber optics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light.  Simple exchange of the lamp at the base of the instrument head.  20 hours operational lifecycle with fully charged Li-Ion battery (Optional).  Rechargeable handles for desk-top charger ri-charger & plug-in charger (Optional).  Energy efficiency with Normal Dry-Cell/Li-ion batteries (Optional).  Excellent colour rendering close to natural daylight conditions for more efficient diagnosis.  Battery handles with bayonet fitting for AA, C and D size alkaline batteries.

ri-scope Retinoscope

ri-scope L Retinoscope Renowned optics to measure refraction ri-scope L retinoscope – a premium, hand-held instrument with renowned optics and reduced reflection, available with Xenon illumination and a wide range of power supply options. Errors of refraction, such as short and long-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be recognised and determined. • The spot-light retinoscope projects a circular light beam. • The slit-light retinoscope with a light beam in the form of a line, simplifies recognition and the determination of astigmatic refractive errors. The reflex in the form of a line is moved vertically to the axis across the pupils of the patient with a slight oscillating movement. The shadow moves in the same or opposite direction. Co-movement (plus lines): The patient is long-sighted. Counter-movement (minus lines): The patient is short-sighted.

ri-scope Ophthalmoscope

 The Modular Diagnostic System by Riester - optimal flexibility for hospital and medical practice.  Fiber optics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light.  Metal fitting for ri-scope specula, compatible with specula by other well- known manufacturers.  Reflection - reduced view even with small pupils.  Bi-directional swivelling, sealing optical glass with 3-fold magnification.  Coaxial observational and illumination light beams.  Optional operation lens with 4-fold magnification available.  Easy-to-operate aperture hand-wheel with semi-circle, small/medium/large circle, fixation star & slit. For L3 Grid is extra.  Includes filter wheel engageable for all apertures with symbol display, red-free filter, blue filter and polarization filter.

Pocket Ophthalmoscope

e-scope® Ophthalmoscope is a Pocket Instruments with Bright light, green technology.
50 operating hours with e-scope and two conventional AA alkaline batteries compared to approx. 3 hours of conventional pocket instruments. Consistent light output over the entire battery life by innovative LED technology. Advanced optics, green technology e-scope® ophthalmoscopes use renowned optics and LED technology to produce a whiter light and efficient diagnosis while saving on maintenance costs. e-scope® ophthalmoscopes are available with LED or Xenon illumination. Features: • Available with 2.5 V xenon illumination or innovative 3.7 V LED illumination for a higher-contrast, brighter and more efficient diagnosis • Diopter display. Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses (+/- 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 dioptres) • Diopter adjustment wheel. Easy-to-use aperture wheel with six different apertures (fixation star, large circle, small circle, red free filter, blue filter, semi-circle) e-scope® uses cutting-edge LED technology to create an environment-friendly and cost saving energy source that enables an efficient diagnoses. e-scope® is available as an otoscope, ophthalmoscope and combined diagnostic set. The pure white light (approx. 5.500 K) ensures colour-neutral and white illumination in addition to improved colour differentiation, enabling a more efficient diagnosis in comparison with halogen or xenon bulbs with advanced high-performance optics for ophthalmoscopes. Uniform illumination of the examination field with pure white light (5500 K/11.500 Lux). The LED illumination shows colours as they really are.
Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery life. LED burns for at least 20,000 hours compared to 20 hours of halogen/xenon light sources.